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Calendar of Events

CACE Webinar - Detecting Impairment: Stoned or Just Sleepy?

Location: Webinar

Date: 12pm-1pm, Dec 10, 2018

Event Details

Date: December 10, 2018
Time: 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm EDT
Cost: Complimentary to all current CACE Members 
(Firms will be limited to one or two computer links per firm as we are limited to 100 links)

Presented by, Chris Andree, Gowlings WLG (Canada) LLP, and Steve Maxwell, consultant, expert witness,experienced former police officer and drug recognition expert instructor.

What should counsel be telling managers and supervisors about what to look for when they are determining whether a worker is impaired?

Most people have seen someone who is impaired by drugs or alcohol. That life experience is a valuable tool. But should it be relied upon to prohibit a worker from continuing to perform their job?

What other tools should managers and supervisors have to make a determination of impairment? What are the signs that a worker is actually spaced out and not just bored? Can you rely upon slurred speech, wide pupils, the scent of cannabis, etc.?

Steve Maxwell, consultant, expert witness,experienced former police officer and drug recognition expert instructor, will prepare attendees to discuss with their clients the various psychophysical effects of drugs and how they impair a worker's ability to safely perform their duties. He will provide tips on recognizing and documenting typical signs and symptoms of impairment and recommend steps to confirm their presence.

To register, please click on the registration link below or copy and paste it into your browser

Please note that we will be applying to the various Law Societies for accreditation and will keep participants posted.

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