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CACE 2019 Annual Conference Information

The 16th annual conference is taking place in Ottawa, ON, September 12-14, 2019. This must attend conference for management practitioners delivers the highest level of continuing legal education for attendees that practice in labour, employment, occupational health & safety, human rights and privacy law across Canada and the US. The conference is accredited by every law society in Canada that requires mandatory CPD including an hour of ethic credits.  In addition, the conference offers a 40% percent discount to in-house counsel attendees and provides networking opportunities with leading and senior private practice and in-house lawyers from across every jurisdiction in Canada.

This year’s high-level program includes panel sessions on:

  • Humpty Dumpty Fell off the Wall: Do We (or Should We) Put it Together Again?
  • OHS Session: Deep in the Trenches: Practical Tips in Defending OHS Charges
  • Practice Corner 2.0: Tips For the Use of Social Media Evidence in Hearings / Trials
  • Cross-Country Problems: This Year's Biggest Issues Facing Labour Practitioners and Strategic Input for Resolving Them
  • WAKE UP: Pay Equity is Knocking at Your Clients Door!
  • Challenging Terminations: It's More Than a With Cause or Without Cause Termination!
  • Human Rights Session - Too Hot to Accommodate: Challenging Accommodation Requests
  • Privacy Session – Employee Snooping: The Rise of Little Brother in the Workplace
  • What's Mindfulness Got to do With it: Cultivating Resilience, Leadership and Success
  • Is This Really Happening? A Cross-Canada Review of the Top Issues and Trends in Employment Law
  • Walking the Line: Let’s be Frank! 

We will be posting the full conference session descriptions in May 2019. Registration will open the first week of June 2019.

Mark your calendars to not miss this high level conference designed for management side lawyers.

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