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Welcome to CACE!

The Canadian Association of Counsel to Employers (CACE) is an association of management-side labour and employment lawyers across Canada.  CACE promotes excellence in the specialized field of labour and employment law and engages in legislation and law reform activities at the provincial and federal level. Created in 2004 by a Founders' Committee of labour
lawyers across Canada, CACE now has over 1850 members, including over 400 corporate counsel members, leading labour and employment counsel and affiliate members from the United States.

Membership Benefits

  • Free annual membership fee for Corporate Counsel!
  • Access to over 750 articles produced specifically for our annual conferences and posted on our website.
  • Participate in our accredited webinars delivering high level, practical & topical information and ideas to assist in your practice development and stay abreast of developments in the law. As well as access to over 50 recorded webinars listed under “Resources/ CACE Webinars” on our website.
  • The “must-attend” conference for labour and employment CLE, with every mandatory reporting law societies recognizing the annual conference with CLE accreditation.
  • 45 % off conference fees for Corporate Counsel members
  • Network and develop relationships with the leading practitioners in management side labour and employment law
  • Actively engage in influencing public policy provincially, nationally, and in our Courts on Labour, Employment, Human Rights, Occupational Health & Safety and Privacy matters of direct concern and relevance to employers in Canada through our Advocacy Committee.
  • Stay up to date on what is happening across the country in Human Rights, Occupational Health & Safety and Privacy law by joining these Committees and participate on the bi-monthly scheduled conferences calls and access relevant articles and cases posted on our website.
  • One click links to member firm publications.

For further information, please contact our Executive Director, Tracy Scanks at  or by phone at 604-427-1491.

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