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CACE Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Committee

The OHS Committee provides an opportunity for counsel advising on OHS  matters to discuss and stay current on OHS issues, developments and trends across Canada.

The OHS Committee was formed in 2008 in recognition of:

  • the increasing profile OHS matters receive from the media and government, including newly resourced investigative agencies and specialized prosecution offices across Canada;
  • the evolving state of OHS laws across Canada and the desire to make it easier for counsel to remain up-to-date on changes and developments;
  • increased levels of OHS prosecution;
  • the tremendously substantial penalties employers receive for OHS violations; and
  • the collective benefit to counsel and employers through the frank and open exchange of ideas and strategies relating to OHS matters.

The OHS Committee meets by teleconference approximately 5 times per year.  Meeting minutes are available to Committee members and provide details of discussions and links to or copies of recent cases, trends or important or unreported decisions. The Committee also develops and presents webinars on various OHS-related subjects and presents on broader OHS topics at the annual conference.

The CACE OHS Committee offers more than information-sharing.  It enables the sharing of any and all helpful or pro-employer decisions and/or tactics through its members, with the intention of assisting counsel and their clients in advancing positions that protect and ensure the interests of employers in Canada.  Frequently, pro-employer case law and strategies are difficult to locate or learn.  Many cases remain unreported and successful strategies may avoid or terminate litigation altogether. Helpful unreported decisions and potential arguments and approaches to cases are regularly discussed by the OHS Committee.

In addition, the Committee has been involved in advocacy work for CACE.  The Committee has sought to intervene in at least one case before a Canadian court of appeal and will consider opportunities to act as a voice for employers in appropriate matters.  The Committee has also made submissions to government regarding needed or pending changes to health and safety legislation.

To join the Committee, please email our Executive Director, Tracy Scanks at  .

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