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A priority for our organization is to make timely and substantive submissions on matters of public policy interest to its membership.  The Board regularly monitors developments in the judicial, legislative and regulatory arenas at both the provincial and the federal level looking for opportunities to make a constructive and valuable contribution on behalf of our members and clients.

Public policy engagement has included interventions in judicial proceedings at the Supreme Court of Canada, and submissions and appearances, including to Parliamentary and Legislative Committees, Government Departments and Ministers. CACE regularly collaborates with other key employer stakeholders.

Below is a list of our public policy activity.

Submission to Ontario Minister of Labour on Critical and Fatal Injuries to 'Persons' Who Are Not Workers
Jeremy Warning and Cheryl Edwards, with the support of the CACE OHS Committe
CACE Submission on Ontario Human Rights Review March 1, 2012
Karen A. Jensen, Member of the CACE Human Rights Committee, on behalf of the CACE
CACE CSA Submission attachment-The Psychologically Safe Workplace
Patricia L. Janzen and Magdalena A. Wojda, Harris & Company LLP
Submission to the NS Laws Admendment Committee on Bill 101
Principle Author: Brian G. Johnston, Q.C., CACE Past President
CACE Submission on Violence in the Workplace
Submitted by: Tara Erskine and Brian G. Johnston, Q.C.
CACE Submission to the Federal Labour Standards Review Commission
Submitted by: CACE Legislation and Law Reform Committee
Letter to the Federal Department of Finance
Submitted by: Mary J. Gleason
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